142 Solvent is a high-purity mixture of hydro treated isoparaffins and naphthenic with very low levels of polynuclear aromatics. It is a clear liquid with a medium flash point and mild odor.

Synonyms: light hydrotreated petroleum distillate, hydrotreated kerosene, high flash mineral spirits, stoddard solvent, medium aliphatic solvent naphtha

CAS# 64742-47-8 – alternates: 64742-88-7 & 8052-41-3

Product Uses

142 Solvent may be used in a wide array of applications. Applications vary widely and include pesticide formulations, consumer products, lubricating oils, chemical process solvents, oilfield drilling fluids, degreasers, lamp oil, metal rolling oils, freeze point depressants, etc.

142 Solvent64742-47-8100265-149-8