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The RD® process involves 12 important codes:

With the strength that comes from three generations working side-by-side, the Transchem team is a reliable partner that you can trust to get the job done. We are a 24/7 business, and we strive to be the first responder to your chemical needs. Our mission has remained consistent with the guiding principle of total commitment to the customer since our founding, and we remain dedicated to providing exceptional service.

  • Senior Management Commitment and Risk Management
  • Compliance Review and Training
  • Carrier Selection and Private Fleets
  • Handling and Storage
  • Job Procedures and Training
  • Sustainability
  • Emergency Response and Public Preparedness
  • Security
  • Product Stewardship
  • Internal Audits
  • Corrective and Preventive Action
  • Document and Records Control

Transchem is committed to driving success through effective and efficient business processes.

Our approach is built around the 12 Responsible Distribution Code of Management Practice:

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At Transchem, we take a proactive approach to planning. We start by identifying potential hazards and risks, then set clear objectives and targets that align with our overall mission. Our programs are designed to support these goals and ensure success.

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Implementation, Operation & Accountability

We understand that great plans are only as good as their implementation. That’s why we prioritize training, documentation, and procedures, ensuring our team has the tools they need to execute effectively.

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Performance Measures & Corrective Action

Transchem is dedicated to continuous improvement. Our self-assessments, incident investigations, and records management, along with corrective and preventative actions, help us measure and improve our performance.

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Management Review

Finally, our senior management team conducts regular reviews to ensure that our processes are effective, efficient, and aligned with our overall mission. This level of oversight helps us stay on track and achieve our goals.

The Very Core of Our Business


As a multi-generation, family owned and run operation of 35+ years in the making, sustainability is the very core of our business.

The move toward sustainability is not just about staying in business so we can pass a birthright to the next generation, it also incorporates the powerful idea of leaving our planet a little better than we found it by consciously working to reduce negative human and environmental impact thru precision management of our resources.

On a grand scale this means making thoughtful choices about the alliances we make with vendors and producers with respect to their best practices, and on a small scale this brings our attention to maximizing freight on each order to reduce our carbon footprint.

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The scope of our business includes both serving the end customer as well as creating a marketplace for our streams, co-products and recycled materials. Thus creating a closed – loop system of sales and maximizing resources.

Throughout the past 35+ years, Transchem has reused and recycled millions of pounds of chemicals that were destined for landfills and incinerators. By doing so we do our part to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Additionally, for nearly a decade, we have supported the Chemical Educational Foundation, both financially and through employee volunteerism in the You Be The Chemist Challenge®

We are leading the way among our chemical distributor peers as our outreach efforts encourage students and educators to make STEM education a priority, guaranteeing that we protect the future of our industry’s greatest natural resource – the human workforce – ensuring that todays youth are equipped to be tomorrow’s chemists, R&D researchers, QA managers…and the list goes on.

Chemical Education Foundation


The Chemical Educational Foundation (CEF) is a nationally recognized, award winning non-profit organization that is dedicated to enhancing science education by emphasizing the central role of chemistry in everyday life. In accordance with this mission, CEF has developed a program for middle school students that will encourage collaboration among industry, educators, and all community members to foster a greater understanding of the science of chemistry, the benefits of chemicals, and the importance of chemical safety awareness.

The Foundation’s flagship “You Be The Chemist” program for grades K-8 is designed to:

  • Inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers, and chemical industry leaders,
  • Enhance science education through innovative techniques, such as hands-on activities and chemistry competitions, and
  • Effect long-term change in the general public’s understanding of, participation in, and appreciation towards chemistry and the chemical industry.

There are three levels of competition in the Challenge: local, state and national. Local Challenge competitions are held in communities across the country.

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We believe passionately that chemistry matters.

Transchem, Inc. has been intimately involved since its inception. Our own Amanda Krome is personally dedicated to ensuring that the Challenge steadily grow. We are pleased to announce that our personal hands-on efforts have reached over 5,000 middle school students in greater San Diego. In fulfillment of our commitment to NACD community outreach, we are the corporate sponsors for Tri-City Christian in Vista, Horizon Christian Academy in San Diego, Horizon Prep in Rancho Sante Fe, and the Classical Academy in each Oceanside, Vista and Escondido. Dozens of educators are using the YBTC Study Guide, laboratory experiments, and online tools to enhance their science curriculum. An awareness of the value of chemistry in our daily lives is igniting a spark of enthusiasm amongst the children we reach.

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You Be The Chemist

California also extends ongoing appreciation to the Chemical Educational Foundation for providing education materials, marketing tools, and a national web site that makes it easy for state organizers, sponsoring companies, and participating schools to get involved.

Those of us involved in California’s YBTC have a serious purpose. We believe passionately that chemistry matters. Medical breakthroughs, alternate sources of clean energy, as well as products that help us look and feel better are made possible by chemistry.

We understand that the future of mankind relies heavily upon scientific breakthroughs that will address the needs of an expanding world. The very best way to attract our bright and talented young people to this field is to spark their interest early. And the best way to do that is to show them how chemistry relates to their everyday lives.

That’s what You Be The Chemist is all about. An estimated eight of ten jobs in the next decade will require math and science skills, and You Be The Chemist can be the first step toward ensuring our students are ready, willing, and able to meet the challenges of the future!

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