Hexylene Glycol

Hexylene Glycol or HG is an oxygenated solvent derived from acetone which has two alcohol functions. It has a low evaporation rate and it is completely miscible with water.

It is mainly used as a solvent or coupling agent. It is a potential substitute for glycol ethers. It is also an effective shrinkage reduction admixture or SRA for concrete and mortar. Hexylene glycol can also be used as a building block in chemical synthesis.

Hexylene glycol is a key solvent in many markets such as paints & coatings, metal working fluids, detergency, cosmetics & fragrances, textiles & leather.

Chemical name : 2_methyl-2.4-pentanediol
Common name : HG

Hexylene Glycol 107-41-5 100 203-489-0



  • Purity (% by weight) : ≥ 99,5
  • Appearance at 20°C : clear liquid free from suspended materials
  • Density at 20°C (g/cm3) : 0,920 – 0,923
  • Boiling point at 1013 Pa : 197,5°C
  • Flash point (closed cup) : 97°C
  • Water solubility at 20°c : complete
  • Hansen Solubility Parameters at 25°C

δt = 25,2

δd = 15,8

δp = 8,4

δh = 17,8

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